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Sirens, No Storms [May. 19th, 2010|09:09 pm]
Sirens are going off. I half-heartedly alert Noddy. After all, the sun is shining so it can't be important, right? But I have to alert on hte test sirens every Saturday, so I guess I have to alert on sunny sirens, too.

What I want is to go outside to potty. If sirens are going off, maybe it will rain, and then I won't want to go out. I don't like using the potty pads unless I have to.

Noddy takes me and Xoco outside and we run and run all over the back yard. Xoco poops, but I did that at work today so I don't have to here. Then Noddy lets us nibble some burritos - our favorite one, the chicken potato burrito.
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Storms [May. 16th, 2010|08:07 pm]
I had to alert on the storms today - loud, loud hail, and sirens and all. We weren't at home, so I didn't know where the safe place was.

We were painting closets, though, so I just herded everyone into the closet and made them sit-stay while the sirens ran.

Then I got some roast beef for being a good boy.

I wanted to help paint, but they all told me that while my tail is a beautiful brush, it's not a paint brush. While washing yellow paint out of my black tail. I didn't like being washed in cold water, so I just watched them paint after that.

Finally, we went home. I wanted pizza, but all I got was kibble and duck. At least we get to go to work tomorrow. The people there know how to feed me properly. I bet they make me bacon for breakfast and steak for lunch!
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Run! Hide! Storm! [May. 10th, 2010|05:27 pm]
Run! Run! Hide! There's a storm coming!

Alarms going off! Quick! Where is everyone! Oh noes! Not everyone is here!

Chantria's GONE! Did the storm eat her?

Oh, there she is! Get inside, quick! There's a bad storm!

Yay! Everyone's home and safe!

It can storm now.

Where's my treats?

I was a good boy.
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Busy Day [May. 7th, 2010|08:44 pm]
The wind was really strong today. I heard things so far away no one could see them. They sounded really close and loud to me so I kept alerting and alerting and alerting. Noddy kept telling me to "stand down" and "good boy" but I didn't feel good.

At lunch, I inspected the construction workers. They left the gate open so I had to guard it until the closed it again. Can't have stray construction workers wandering around. They might get hurt.

Played with some of my bestest friends and supervised Donut Day.

Everyone loves Donut Day but I don't get it. I don't like donuts. Give me steak any day. Or bacon. Yeah, bacon. I could go for some bacon RIGHT NOW.

A crunchy chicken popper will do.

Noddy says I'm a good boy and if she says it, it's TRUE.

I'm a good boy.
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New Sounds [May. 2nd, 2010|09:24 am]
With all the construction going on at work, I am learning many new sounds. I am also learning that the sounds can be ignored if they stay behind the fence. I can't always tell if the sound is inside the fence or outside it, so I alert anyway.

I have learned I can safely ignore all construction sounds when I am indoors because those sounds are all outdoors.

Friday, I rescued a kitty that got scared by the construction noise and was stuck up a tree. I alerted on the kitty cries, and lots of people came to get the kitty down. When kitty was out of the tree, I licked and licked her to calm her down, and then she ran away. I hope she went home and got lots of cuddles there.

Yesterday, we went to the groomer for nail trims. I have black nails, so it's better if a pro does them. Then we bought treats. Xoco came with because she has dark brown nails and they needed trimming, too. She was very brave.

I did not alert on the grooming noises because those were noises for me and Xoco and Noddy already knows those tools make noises and she doesn't need to know about them. I did alert her when the groomer was calling her name because she was watching a dog outside the groomer's space.

Then we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for doggie treats, then home to do housecleaning. I stayed on the sofa and supervised. Xoco took a nap in the monkey bed.
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Yummy Snack! [Apr. 25th, 2010|09:01 pm]

I did get a yummy snack - brined and grilled chicken!

Xoco ran like a spaz all over the back yard and got to lick the roasting pan, but I don't lick pans.

We got the patio all cleaned off and I watched Noddy put together some patio chairs. I picked up the nuts she kept dropping.

She can't hear them fall, but I can. And when I hear that *tink!* of a nut falling on cement, I come racing across the yard to pick it up. Nuts are small. I can do that.

I'd pick up bigger things, too, if I was bigger, but all Noddy wants me to do is hear for her. That's easy; I hear everything anyway.

Tomorrow, we go back to work. I wonder if she'll pack chicken for lunch?

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Forgot My Password [Apr. 25th, 2010|11:11 am]
It took a while to remember the password here, I forgot it.

Yes, I know, I could just ask, but where's the stubborn fun in that?

So, a lot has happened and I'm not going to backtrack over it all. Well, not all of it. A few highlights.

My dear Shika was killed by a car that drove into our yard.

We rescued an abused 3 week old puppy, raised him up to healthiness, and found him a new home.

We then rescued a brain damaged, malnourished, ricketsy puppy and raised her to healthiness, but I love her and refused to let her be sent to a new home. She is my precious. My doll. My bestest toy ever. I take good care of her, showing her where her food dish is every day because she never remembers. I named her Xoco. It means "little sister".

And I learned a lot of new sounds. My favorite is the sound of light sabers. When I hear light sabers, I know people are playing and having fun and I want to play, too.

I am remembering to alert on the Saturday tornado siren test sirens. Just because it's a test doesn't mean I can ignore it. Yesterday, I got Chick-Fil-A nuggets for alerting on the test siren! I tried to alert on the siren again for more treats, but it was Saturday and sunny and I was told I couldn't alert on sounds that weren't there just for treats. I sulked in my monkey bed, but Xoco came and loved all over me, and we took a trip to Hancock's, so I stopped sulking. Life's too short, you know?

This morning, we went to the bakery for broetchen and the grill was set up. We're grilling this afternoon! I bet I get a yummy snack.
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Fire Drill [Oct. 17th, 2008|06:50 pm]
We had a fire drill today.

Itzl knew something was up because people who normally don't come to my office were there, and they carried strange devices. They hovered over the alarms and kept looking at their watches.

So, as soon as the alarms went off and the lights started flashing, he was ready. He alerted almost before the first strobe went off.

And then he insisted we check the restrooms, the board room, the visitor's lounge, and make sure everyone was gone.

Security was the first to leave the building. Security did not check any of the offices, restrooms, meeting rooms, or lounges to make sure everyone was out before leaving. Nope. Security was the first one out of the building. Makes you feel so secure, doesn't it?

Once we were outside, Itzl alerted on the alarms going off in the other office buildings. Once he understood everything was under control, he happily visited with all my co-workers and even made to chase a squirrel.

When we came back i, he checked once again to make sure it was all clear and that all the alarms were off, turning his head and ears every which way, like radar. Satisfied that all unusual noises were at an end, he settled down for the rest of the day.
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Road Trip [Oct. 11th, 2008|09:37 am]
After a trying day at work, with the power off and alarms making Itzl dance across my desk, all whiny and anxious, I expected him to be relieved and quiet during our trip out of town to attend a meet-up of writers.

Instead, he decided he really wanted something behind me. I mean really wanted it. He doesn't normally want something so bad he'll tremble and whine and whimper to get it. But he wouldn't settle and he wouldn't calm, and he complained the whole time.

Finally, during a break, I checked out what was making him so annoying.


He desperately wanted a small piece of cheesecake.

I cut him a teeny slice of it - four fingernails' worth - and fed it to him slowly, and that settled him right down and made him happy.

That and drinking the melted ice from my soda. He likes to lick the ice that's left when I'm done with the drink, except it all melted before I gave it to him. He was a bit disappointed that it wasn't still ice, but he dutifully lapped up a bit to prove he was being good and cooperative.

After the cheesecake, he was much calmer. He slept most of the trip home.

Today, my sister was supposed to visit with her little dachsie. Her husband's ill, though, so she's not coming after all.

This makes me a little happy because I need to call a plumber to replace the hot water heater. Maybe next time she plans to visit, the plumbing will be all done and the house adequately dog-proofed for her dog.

Her dog is sweet, but not well-behaved. She'll eat anything on the floor - from little clumps of cat hair (this is shedding season - they're everywhere) to the cat food. I have to move the cat food bag up out of her reach as well as the bowl of cat food. I can't leave crunchy dog food out, either, because she'll gorge on it. I have to completely re-arrange the feeding schedules and sites of all the critters because she can't be trusted to not eat them - and she's one of those dogs with a delicate stomach. She'll even try to eat the toys - gut them and eat the polyester stuffing. I used to have to re-stuff and sew up the toys when she visited, now I hunt them all down and lock them up. I can only leave out those few toys that won't make her sick.

It's a chore. And it reminds me just how big a difference a well-trained and well-behaved dog is from a pampered pooch. My sister's dog is a pampered pooch. She needs special food, and special toys, and she can't be trusted to not chew on the furniture. She barks - a lot. She plays rough and she switches into attack mode very quickly with smaller dogs - and Itzl and Shika are 1/3 her size. She's 12 pounds to their 4 pounds. I've trained her to be gentle with Itzl, but she gets excited and forgets. She refuses to be gentle with Shika or the cats. So it's a lot of work to have her visit.

Itzl is a much better guest. He stays beside me (usually in my lap), he doesn't play with other dogs' toys, he steps back to let other dogs eat first, he plays gently with them; preferring chase games to contact sports. He pees and poops on demand. He doesn't bark (but he will mutter and whine occasionally).

So, yeah, I'm glad I don't have to ready the house for her visit today. Next time, after the plumbing's done, I'll be more prepared for her visit. I may even have things organized enough that she and her husband can stay here overnight instead of in a hotel.

Itzl is well-trained and well-behaved.
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All Alerts [Oct. 10th, 2008|06:10 am]

Originally uploaded by nodigio
There was a power outage that knocked out servers and breakers and set off several alarms in several directions.

Poor Itzl is going bonkers trying to figure out which one I need to pay attention to. He doesn't realize I don't need to pay attention to any of them since I lack the codes to turn them off. All I have to do is tell someone else an alarm's been triggered and they take care of it.

But they're letting the alarms continue to sound and it's causing Itzl a lot of anxiety.
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